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The buoyant rhythms are lovably naive, deceptively simple and thoroughly intriguing. The vocal arrangements are elusive, ambiguous and strangely affecting.

Sometimes delicate, sometimes blisteringly violent . Despite it's willful perversity there is, nonetheless, a finely honed popsensibility running all the way through the project like a golden seam. I did enjoy this album, but I have to be honest, it wasn't quite what I was expecting!

Inicialmente se dieron a conocer con varios sencillos, incluyendo "Air War" y "Courtship Dating / Tell Me What To Swallow ".

El segundo álbum de la banda, titulado Crystal Castles pero conocido como "", fue lanzado el 24 de mayo de 2010.

And while there is the occasional strange wig-out and the vocals are often quite harsh and dischordant, large parts of the album are fairly conventional melodic electronica, and really quite gentle at that, you could almost say ambient!

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Ms Glass and Mr Kath are to be congratulated for both their visionand economy in keeping this album tightly focussed and contained.

That alone has riled some in the hard-core chiptune community.

In some cases, though, artists are resorting to outright theft.

(See EM411 story, Wikipedia article.) But Timbaland isn’t alone.

At least Timbaland was using a sample; some artists steal whole songs outright.